Foundation Weekend Workshop

The Foundation in Classical Realism workshop took place on the weekend of September 20 and 21st. We had 8 participants and here are some of the drawings they did. We started with an introduction to the principles of how light reveals the form, and how three dimensional objects can be expressed on paper, with the proper gradations of values.

Starting with the block-in and an introduction to measuring accurately for proper proportion, we continued to identifying shadow shapes, and toning these in to obtain a flat light and shadow pattern. Then we modeled the form in the lights and turned the lights into the shadow, with special attention to the terminator line.

Here are spheres, cones, cubes and cylinders, nicely rendered by these Foundational students. Lastly, we turned these into more organic and everyday objects, such as loaves of bread, pears, apples and cups of cola.


IMG_4243 IMG_4241IMG_4242cup