La Sognatrice by Mandy Boursicot

Mandy Boursicot is a leader in the emerging Classical Realism movement. After rigorous training in the Academic method at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, she now practices and teaches in her private atelier in Vancouver, BC.

Classical Realism Atelier

Learn to draw like the old masters. Classical Realism, based on Academic drawing, is enjoying a renaissance in North America and in Europe. With its roots in 19th Century Ateliers, the premise of this method is that anyone can learn to draw very well, given an understanding of certain principles of logic, application of skills and guidance from a master.


Mandy accepts commissions for portraits and still lifes, with the medium varying from pencil, to charcoal, to oils.

Commissions of portraits are normally done from a combination of live sittings and reference photos. Portraits are traditionally a means of paying homage to the subject, capturing both expression and character, through a combination of likeness, gesture and clothing. Commissions have been ordered to record children, parents, managers in corporations, and also items and occasions of special significance.


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Jo-Ann T.

Classical Realism Atelier Student

“Mandy is a born teacher. I don’t know a single student who hasn’t progressed massively, under her patient and thought-provoking training. Trust me, you will learn “how” to draw.”


Student Show opens Thursday June 29, 2017 at 7pm

Student Show opens on Thurs 29th June 2017 at 7pm Please bring all your family and friends for this fun […]

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July 4 Session Workshop: Classical Drawing Fundamentals

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June Weekend Workshop: Drawing and Painting from Photos

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