Phantom Guest

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EVERYONE I’VE NEVER KNOWN, Burrard Hotel, April 25th, 2014 (noon to 8:30pm)

I have been invited by the Vancouver-based figurative art collective, Phantoms in the Front Yard, to participate as a guest artist, in this one-night-only exhibition of miniature works.

EVERYONE I’VE NEVER KNOWN, as described by the Phantoms, is about the people we encounter but never truly know:

“Many believe this is a time of decreasing contact with our familiars, and increasing contact with acquaintances and strangers, be it through information sharing, celebrity culture, population density, or any other means of interface.

Do you ever wonder how well you know someone? How well you know yourself? Family? Friends? Do you ever think about how much impact a person you barely know at all, or only seeing passing, can have on your life?

We have…and this exhibition displays our reflections and discoveries in an array of miniature pictures devoted to all the people we’ve never truly known. Everything is smaller than 10” square, and there will literally be hundreds of works to look at and choose from inside 4 rooms of the Burrard Hotel. But there’s only one night to get acquainted with them all…”

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